Here’s the Possible Shocking Reason Why Astronomers Haven’t Found Aliens on Mars Yet

Here’s the Possible Shocking Reason Why Astronomers Haven’t Found Aliens on Mars Yet

Aliens could exist on Mars. Have you seen the place? It’s a barren wasteland, not even a 7/11 in sight. So, it only makes sense that aliens might have set up shop there, right?

Think about it; maybe they got sick of their boring planet and decided to spice things up by moving to Mars. And who could blame them? Choosing between a desolate red rock and a bustling metropolis, the decision seems obvious: choosing the latter any day is the right way.

Plus, have you seen those pictures of the Martian landscape? It looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. What’s up with those weird rock formations? Maybe they’re not just rocks at all, but some kind of alien technology!

Therefore, the million dollar question arises: why astronomers haven’t found any aliens on Mars yet despite sending probes to the planet? Keeping in mind that aliens can also mean microbial life forms, the answer could be both simple and sad at the same time.

Our technology might not be enough

A study conducted in Chile’s Atacama Desert has shown that current technology may not be sufficient to identify long-dead microbial life forms, which could make it difficult to find life on Mars, according to the new study published in Nature Communications and as ScienceAlert reveals.

The Red Stone delta in the desert was used as a model for Mars, and researchers found that nearly 9% of the genetic sequences obtained through Next Generation Sequencing were unclassified, and 40% could only be assigned to the highest taxonomic categories.

The team proposed the concept of a “dark microbiome” to represent microorganisms that scientists can detect through genetic sequencing without knowing exactly what they are. Furthermore, instruments used on Mars or destined for Mars showed limited or non-detection of microorganisms in most cases. Despite recent promising discoveries of organic matter on Mars, it remains unclear if these molecules have biological origins.


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