Here’s How The Earth Looks Like From The NASA Kepler Space Telescope

Here’s How The Earth Looks Like From The NASA Kepler Space Telescope

Have you ever wondered how the Earth looks like from the NASA Kepler Space Telescope? Well, NASA has an answer for you as its Kepler Space Telescope has captured an image of the Earth in December.

The Earth looks like a star

“Captured on December 10, 2017, after the spacecraft adjusted its telescope to a new field of view, Earth’s reflection as it slipped past was so extraordinarily bright that it created a saber-like saturation bleed across the instrument’s sensors, obscuring the neighboring moon,” explained the NASA astronomers in the official report which has just been made public.

The Earth resembles a star that’s shining brightly in the Universe in the picture taken by Kepler telescope which is better known for its over 2,500 observations of far-away planets.

However, the Earth shouldn’t appear shining in images taken from outer space but this photo has been possible because Keplar possesses an extremely sensitive photometer.

Kepler’s photometer has been designed as such in order to capture the appears so bright because Kepler’s light-sensing photometer is exquisitely sensitive. The instrument was designed as such to detect the smallest shiness declinations that occur when a far-away planet is passing from the front of their stars.

Kepler is now focusing on space objects and phenomenon more than on exoplanets

Kepler Space Telescope has the mission to observe 150,000 stars at the same time but its wheels that were keeping a steady orientation became faulty in 2013. Eventually, the Kepler’s mission was ended by NASA in May 2013.

NASA engineer discovered an extravagant method to rebalance Kepler by using the forces of the sunlight pressures.

Since the scientists have fixed Kepler, the space telescope received new missions, namely, the K2 missions which set new goals for the telescope – decreased searching for exoplanets and increased space objects and phenomena observation.

The picture which depicts how the Earth looks like from the NASA Kepler Space Telescope can be enjoyed at the beginning of the article.


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