Having a Pet Could Help With Mental Health

Having a Pet Could Help With Mental Health

You might have guessed already that having a cat or dog as a pet will help the animal’s well-being a lot. Pets are usually happier along with their owners, as long as they feel safe and pleased. But you might have underestimated the idea that the opposite is also true. 

CNN writes about a new study claiming that you may notice benefits in memory decline and cognitive abilities areas if you had been keeping a pet around for a long time. But just what kind of pet, to be more precise, can help a person? The answer might shock you.

Having a pet for five years is the most beneficial

After analyzing cognitive data of over 1,300 adults from the Health and Retirement Study, the research indicates that having a pet for at least five years could be the most beneficial. This scheme can potentially delay cognitive decline by 1.2 points compared to the decline rate for those individuals who lack pets.

Dogs and cats might be the cutest creatures in the Universe and the Multiverse and also the most common pets, but they’re not the only animals that could help a person in the ways we just mentioned. Having a rabbit, a bird, a hamster, or even a reptile might be beneficial as well.

Dr. Tiffany Braley, who’s an associate professor of neurology, declared as CNN quotes:

These findings provide early evidence to suggest that long-term pet ownership could be protective against cognitive decline.

Jennifer Applebaum, who’s the first author of the study, explained as quoted by the same source:

We do not recommend pet ownership as a therapeutic intervention,

However, we do recommend that people who own pets be supported in keeping them via public policy and community partnerships.

It’s important to keep in mind that the study shows only an association, not a direct cause. 

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