Grizzly Bear is Likely to Blame for Killing Man in Montana

Grizzly Bear is Likely to Blame for Killing Man in Montana

A 40-year-old man named Craig Clouatre from Livingston (Montana) is believed to have been killed by a grizzly bear after being reported missing, as law enforcement officials reveal. The hunch comes after the man was found dead, according to the New York Post.

Clouatre went out hiking with a friend a day before the tragic event. The location of his soulless body wasn’t revealed. 

Officials had been searching for Clouatre with helicopters

The search for Craig Clouatre took place both on the ground and by air, as helicopters were involved as well.

Brad Bichler, the Park County Sherriff, declared for Livingston Enterprise:

They split up at some point later in the morning,

When the other man returned to their vehicle and his friend wasn’t there, he called us and we began searching.

However, officials aren’t entirely sure that a grizzly bear was to blame for the man’s death. Here’s what Bichler also declared, as quoted by the same source:

It appears he had an encounter with a grizzly and unfortunately did not survive,

We will continue to work through the afternoon to bring Craig home. Please keep his family and all those involved in your thoughts and prayers.

Animals that kill people don’t represent anything new, unfortunately, but you might be surprised to know which animal kills the most humans. It’s none other than the mosquito, which kills about one million people per year through its bite. Dogs are also positioned on top of the list, ranking in fourth place. It seems that man’s best friend can also be his sworn enemy. 

Grizzly bears can indeed be extremely dangerous, meaning that it’s always a good thing to be prepared for any possible encounter with such animals. These bears’ front claws measure about 4 inches, making them as long as human fingers.

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