Green Fireball Ignites the Skies Over San Diego

Green Fireball Ignites the Skies Over San Diego

You don’t get to see a fireball zooming across the night sky every evening, that’s for sure. But when it happens, you need to act as fast as possible by grabbing a camera or your binoculars. Such celestial events can only last for a few seconds.

Surely the online realm has made it possible for any celestial event, regardless of how brief it is, to get caught on camera. Nowadays, cameras are mounted everywhere, but it’s surely a special feeling to be the lucky one who gets to be the first to film a fireball or a bright meteor.

Fireball appears over San Diego on Friday evening

This Friday, when many San Diego residents were chilling after a hard week of work, a very bright and green space object appeared over their heads, making many contemplate the evanescence of human life and others become frightened. 

You are free to watch the event in the video below, and you can skip all the way to 0:50 if patience is not among your virtues:

The event occurred at about 10:00 PM, and it was visible from San Diego County and other parts of Southern California. If the footage is too fast for you, there’s no need to worry! The presenter even presents the event in slow motion. For those unaware, San Diego is one of the 58 counties of the American state of California. 

The event of the fireball comes less than two weeks after another big meteor hurtled across the skies of New Zealand, generating a lot of terrifying sounds.

A fireball is just another term to describe a meteor that’s very bright, which is generally brighter than magnitude -4. That’s about the same magnitude that Venus has in the morning or evening, meaning the second-brightest object from our night sky after the Moon.

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