Gravitational Waves Emitted By A Powerful Collision Between Two Black Holes

Gravitational Waves Emitted By A Powerful Collision Between Two Black Holes

A recent discovery in the field of gravitational waves is stating that a new recording of vibrations coming from a cosmic collision was recently registered. What is even more interesting is that the scientists declared that the sound bore a striking resemblance to the notes of an Elvis Presley hit. The “cosmic soundtrack” was composed by the collision of two black holes, an exotic pair since one of them was three times bigger than the other.

The collision between those two and the striking imbalance of masses generated a series of gravitational waves that were emitted at different frequencies whose harmony could be recognized by Elvis Presley’s fans.

On a more scientific approach, the collision was produced according to the laws of gravity stated by Einstein. Such occurrences are essential sources of study for scientists, offering them proper insight into the formation and evolution of pairs of black holes.

Collision Of Two Black Holes Produced Gravitational Waves

The first time that the physicists managed to determine gravitational waves was back in 2015. The discovery was made with the help of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory when two black holes were spotted merging each other. This resulted in a series of infinitesimal ripples in spacetime. By 2017, several other centers have joined forces and ten black hole mergers were discovered.

The striking difference is the fact that up until now, all the discoveries involved only black holes having the same masses. On the 12th of April 2019, three detectors identified a black hole merge situated 2.4 billion light-years, where one of the black holes weighed 30 solar masses, while the other one was only eight.

This occurrence demonstrated that the mass-ratio is not one. Therefore, there are many more peculiar collisions between black holes waiting to be discovered via gravitational waves. The origin of this unprecedented event is still unknown, and researchers are stating that the more massive black hole might be the product of a merger.


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