Google Maps Tackles Global Warming With the New “Fire” Top-Level Layer

Google Maps Tackles Global Warming With the New “Fire” Top-Level Layer

We all know by now that global warming is a very serious issue in the world we live in. Caused by the actions of humans, global warming is here to stay with us for quite a while. But the good part is that scientists keep looking for ways to fight it.

According to, the notorious Google Maps app will monitor global warming through a new layer simply named “Fire”. It shall be a top-level layer, similar to satellite, traffic, and transit maps.

The new feature started rolling out for Android devices

What the new feature does is that it will inform users about how much a wildfire has spread. It will be as easy as watching how the traffic goes.

Using the Tree Canopy tool for dealing with urban heat islands is also a great idea supported by Google. The Mountain View-based tech giant says about heat islands, as quoted by, that they “disproportionately impact lower-income communities and contribute to a number of public health concerns — from poor air quality to dehydration. With Tree Canopy data, local governments have free access to insights about where to plant trees to increase shade, reduce heat and mitigate these adverse effects.”

Google Maps has been around since 2005, and deciding whether the app is better than Waze or not is one of the biggest mysteries in the tech world. However, both apps are owned by Google, and the tech giant constantly seeks new ways to improve them.

Android users are luckier than the others, as the new “Fire” layer feature of Google Maps has already started to roll out for their mobile devices. Those who prefer using the app from iPhones and desktop computers will have the same privilege starting in October.


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