Google Earth User Claims He Discovered A UFO In Antarctica, Shows Proof

Google Earth User Claims He Discovered A UFO In Antarctica, Shows Proof

Apparently, a secret alien base has just been, quite recently, uncovered by a user of the Google Earth app. It was placed under the ice of Antarctica and a conspiracy theorist stated that he has found a slammed UFO.

What did the user do to find it?

All he did was to zoom in on one specific territory and he found a piece of the mountain field with no snow or ice at all. It seemed to look like some kind of hard piece placed on the Earth’s surface. The stone-like structure appears to demonstrate some type of a crate which was made after a huge impact of something with the Earth. What’s more, as the screen keeps on moving in, an extensive, round object is uncovered lying in the dirt. The question is: is this really the object that left that crater there?

About the video

The video was uploaded to a YouTube page called Conspiracy Depot on Monday.

What’s more, the description addressed the following question: “Is it a severely harmed disk-type UFO which collided with Earth, perhaps hundred years prior this moment? We’ll probably never know the truth.

The user assessed that the width of the object is about 16 meters. This video comes not as much as seven days after Daily Star Online wanted to uncover a few of the cold continent’s greatest mysteries, such as Nazi bases and, of course, UFOs.

Other creepy things on Google Earth

Days after this happened, another unusual aspect appeared on Google Earth, which showed a large X indicating a mystery zone.

Furthermore, just yesterday, a video footage showed something of what appeared to be an old street prompting to a gateway.


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