Giant Prehistoric Lions Lived In Africa 200,000 Years Ago

Giant Prehistoric Lions Lived In Africa 200,000 Years Ago

Lions can be defined as one of the most beautiful animals that inhabit our planet. Known as “The King of the Jungle”, the lion is famous for a voracity as enviable as it is terrifying. This animal can kill any other living being thanks to both physical and mental conditions that few creatures on the Earth can match. If the nowadays linos terrifying, imagine the giant prehistoric lions twice the size of modern days lion. Now, scientists affirm that the prehistoric giant lions lived in Africa 200,000 years ago.

Many archaeologists who have elaborated hypothesis around the figure of giant lions that inhabited the Earth during the years of prehistory.

However, none of these theories could be proven, until now, when excavations in the Kenyan region of Natodomeri have served to demonstrate that this type of animal existed about 200,000 years ago.

Giant prehistoric lions remnants discovered in Kenya belonged to 2.5-meter tall lions

An international group of researchers has brought to light what can be defined as one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the year.

The news, published in the journal Paleontology, is based on the finding of several lion skulls with dimensions close to 40 centimeters. These remnants measure much greater than all the feline specimens known today. According to specialists, the lion skulls could have belonged to an animal about two and a half meters tall and 250 kilograms heavy.

According to numerous studies, animals tend to increase in size as they inhabited territories closer to the poles.

But why were there such large lions in Africa at a time when temperatures were not extremely cold? At the moment, the answer to this question is yet unknown but archaeologists around the world are investigating this further.

In the same way, these giant prehistoric lions which lived in Africa 200,000 years ago weren’t defined by the specialists as direct ancestors of the modern days’ lions but as a different subspecies completely extinct for a long time.


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2 thoughts on “Giant Prehistoric Lions Lived In Africa 200,000 Years Ago

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    The lion’s total skull length could have reached over 460mm because the 380mm figure was assigned to the basal length, not the greatest skull length. So the skull would have been 460mm and would have weighed in at over 350kg.

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    The Natodomeri lion had a basal length of +380mm and since the condylobasal skull length is normally +25-35mm longer than the basal an estimation of +410mm for the condylobasal length can be used and thus a greatest skull length of +460mm. This would mean that the Natodomeri lion could have achieved weights of over +350kg.


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