Get Ready for PBS NOVA Series “Universe Revealed”: Exploring the History of the Cosmos and Its Possible End

Get Ready for PBS NOVA Series “Universe Revealed”: Exploring the History of the Cosmos and Its Possible End

The Universe is a true enigma. There’s always more to learn about its history, not to mention that trying to predict how it will end is both ghastly and exciting at the same time. Human curiosity condemns us to reflect upon such subjects, regardless of how frightening they may seem.

Even common sense tells us that the Universe also has to have an end if it had a beginning. Both physics and the Bible confirm it, showing that religion and science can indeed meet and agree.

“Universe Revealed” launches on Oct. 27

According to, the upcoming PBS NOVA scientific series known as “Universe Revealed” will be available starting at the end of the current month. The series will have five parts, and it’s expected to unfold the history and the possible future of the Universe.

The scientific series will premiere on Oct. 27 at 9 p.m. EDT (0100 GMT Oct. 28), and we have all the reasons to be excited and eager to see it.

Hopefully, the show will also speak about the Big Bang, which is considered in physics as the most important event in history. There is still a lot to learn about the event, although scientists have done their best across the decades to explore all of its possibilities and statements. Nobody knows for sure what existed before the “Bang” itself, although some scientists such as Stephen Hawking believe that the Universe could have actually started from nothing. His explanation is simply staggering, as he was saying that there’s no use asking what existed before the Big Bang since time itself wasn’t created. Therefore, there wasn’t any time available for anything to possibly exist.

However, NASA astronomer Michelle Thaller is one of those scientists claiming that the Big Bang didn’t occur out of nothing.

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