Geologists Detect Swarm of Earthquakes in an American State

Geologists Detect Swarm of Earthquakes in an American State

The USA has been through plenty of unpleasant stuff in the last 12 months, and it seems like it’s not enough. Earthquakes happen on a daily basis on our planet, and the USA doesn’t lack such natural phenomenons. writes that 20 relatively small earthquakes were detected in Washington state and near Mount Rainier on Wednesday.

Although some may consider the swarm of earthquakes to be insignificant, it can sure cause a lot of unpleasant feelings considering how numerous the jolts were. Furthermore, they occurred over the course of almost five hours: from 3:13 p.m.and until around 8 p.m.

Maximum magnitude of 2.5

According to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, the jolts reached the maximum magnitude of 2.5, and they occurred at depths between 0 to 1 kilometre under the sea level.

The USGS released the following statement:

Earthquakes are part of the background activity at Mount Rainier, and swarms of this number of earthquakes typically occur once or twice a year.

The same source added:

While the seismicity represents a temporary uptick in activity, Mount Rainier remains at normal, background levels of activity.

Each and every year, there are more than 900,000 earthquakes occurring across the world. The vast majority of these jolts are magnitude 2.5 or even less, which means that they are barely noticeable by non-experts. As for the earthquakes that reach magnitude 8 and more, we can be glad that they only happen about once every several years (5 to 10 years). 

With an altitude of 4,392 meters, Mount Rainier is also a large active stratovolcano from the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest. The imposing giant is also known as Tacoma or Tahoma, and it’s more precisely located in Mount Rainier National Park, which also means 59 miles south-southeast of Seattle.


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  1. They should be concerned because Mt. Lassen in California has been having the same thing on both rift zones from the long valley caldera to the San Andreas fault. Our stupid politicians have bern fracking one of the biggest volcanic, and earthquake fault in the ring of fire. We started having earthquake swarms from Mt. Lassen to Ridgecrest through Lake Isabella to Bakersfield and up the San Andreas to San Francisco and off the coast in Northern California.


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