Former NASA Chief Has Out-of-This-World Plan: Hotel Built in Space

Former NASA Chief Has Out-of-This-World Plan: Hotel Built in Space

Humanity will colonize the Solar System sooner or later, and it cannot be otherwise considering the unabated desire for progress and the huge technological advancements from recent years. If space hotels represent one of your dream priorities, they may not be as sci-fi as they sound.

Axiom Space, the company co-founded by NASA’s former ISS (International Space Station) manager Michael Suffredini, wants to turn the wild dream of a space hotel into reality, according to the news brought by

AxStation should be ready by 2028

AxStation is the name of the $2 billion project that implies a new commercial space station launched and used as a space hotel.

Axiom declared for The Times:

Twenty years after astronauts first began to live and work aboard the ISS, Axiom offers you the ability to traverse the sublime reach of space and fulfill personal goals of a philosophical, philanthropic, scientific or commercial nature—and help open a new chapter in human history.

The plan implies attaching a crew module to the International Space Station until 2024. Next, scientists will have to expand and create a minimum of two modules, including a panoramic observatory and a laboratory/manufacturing facility. All three modules would be attached to the ISS until it will be retired.

Axiom Space is the company co-founded by the former program chief from the International Space Station. The headquarters would be set up in Houston.

Mike Suffredini, the company’s chief executive and the man who retired from NASA several years ago, declared:

Axiom was founded with the vision of a thriving home in space that benefits every human everywhere. We often hear that that is a very bold statement. It is.

Only time will tell for sure if we’ll be able to use a hotel into space, and who knows: maybe we’ll also have uninvited guests from other planets.


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