Former Google Executive Claims That the “AI Gods” Could Be on Their Way and Willing to Destroy Humanity

Former Google Executive Claims That the “AI Gods” Could Be on Their Way and Willing to Destroy Humanity

Artificial Intelligence has become so predominant in our everyday lives. The tech world relies on it very much, as the benefits are huge. But at the same time, you know what they say that everything has a price in life.

According to a former Google executive named Mo Gawdat, who was Chief Business Officer at the tech giant’s moonshot organization, AI that’s dangerous for humanity could be on its way. brings us details about the guy’s statements, and he made the terrifying claim during an interview for The Times.

Is AGI inevitable?

Gawdat thinks that the emergence of artificial general intelligence (AGI), meaning very powerful AI as seen in sci-fi movies, is inevitable. Once it’s here, the former Google executive believes that an AI apocalypse can begin.

But how could the former Google executive come to such a pessimistic conclusion? It’s simple. He was working along with AI developers who were creating robot arms. The mechanical structures were capable of finding and grabbing balls. At one point, the arm grabbed a ball and made a gesture that has proven a proud attitude. That moment made Gawdat start worrying seriously.

The former Google executive said as quoted by

And I suddenly realized this is really scary,

It completely froze me.

He added:

The reality is, we’re creating God. reveals a list of facts about Artificial Intelligence that not many people know about. Here are some of them:

  • AI pets are real
  • Most of the AI bots are females
  • AI has nationalities and passports
  • AI can recognize emotions
  • AI is able to repair itself
  • AI is able to write
  • AI is forecasted to become smarter than humans

Feel free to let us know in a comment what you believe! Can AI one day start a rampage against the human race?


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