Florida Deals With Severe Flooding – Watch Video

Florida Deals With Severe Flooding – Watch Video

Roughly 30cm of rain resulted in just a few hours after heavy rain represents something that most people can not wrap their heads around. But unfortunately, that’s what residents of South Florida have been dealing with since yesterday, as widespread flooding is now gripping parts of the American region, according to The Guardian.

Such incredible flooding taking place in parts of the state of Florida has left experts speechless, and it was just a matter of time until some began to call the event as one that takes place once a thousand years. But unfortunately, you know what they say: you live and you learn.

A state of emergency was initiated

Florida’s residents might soon have even more terrifying experiences related to the recent flooding that took place in the southern parts of the state, as forecasts predicted that even more rain will take place today.

The situation is indeed life-threatening, and the flooding has gripped even cars underwater, while there seems to be no idea when the horror will stop. A state of emergency was initiated in the region by Fort Lauderdale.

CBS News offers footage of the tragic situation caused by the flooding in Florida, and you are free to check out below:

YouTube video

Josh Levy, the mayor of Hollywood, stated for CNN that the event represents the worst flooding that he has ever seen. He declared, as The Guardian quotes:

The ground was already saturated so there is extensive flooding all over our city and throughout South Florida. Many roadways are impassable. Lots of vehicles got stuck and left abandoned in the middle of our roadways,

I’ve lived here my whole life. This is the most severe flooding that I’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, flooding, in general, occurs often in Florida due to the American state’s low elevation, tropical climate, and flat topography.


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