Flat Earth Conspiracy – The Absurd Theories Of Flat-Earthers

Flat Earth Conspiracy – The Absurd Theories Of Flat-Earthers

We’re now close to celebrating 2019, but there are still people believing that the Earth is flat and a so-called flat Earth conspiracy is run by scientists, including NASA and other space agencies which feed the misbelief in an elliptical homeworld. Let’s see together some of the most absurd theories of flat-earthers.

Flat-Earthers Gathered In Denver This Weekend

“When I first heard the idea that the Earth was flat I thought it was ridiculous,” says Robbie Davidson, a Canadian who, despite his words, is one of the greatest supporters of the flat Earth theory.

Although it may seem crazy, about 650 people who agree with the theory that our planet is more like a tortilla than a sphere, and led by Davidson, met last weekend in Denver, in the US, to hold their second congress and dismantle all the scientific evidence that has been “deceiving” humanity for centuries.

“Most people today subscribe to the heliocentric balloon model explanation of our cosmology claim that the Earth rotates at 1,040 miles per hour while traveling around the sun at 66,000 miles per hour; meanwhile, the entire Solar System moves through the Milky Way galaxy at 490,000 miles per hour; and the Milky Way launches through infinite space at more than 1 million miles per hour. However, all experiments conducted to demonstrate even the simple twist of the earth have failed,” the official website of the conference reads.

NASA “Powers” The Flat Earth Conspiracy

According to the same website, government space agencies, including NASA, take “creative liberties” at the expense of citizens’ taxes to produce “deceptive materials.” Among the most commonly used methods are images created from computer software, such as Photoshop, such as either artistic representations “recognized by NASA,” or photos taken from a fisheye lens “that produces a curved appearance.”

To dismantle all this flat Earth conspiracy, and although they grew up “believing in a heliocentric model,” “after extensive experimentation, analysis and research, we have come to know that the truth of our cosmology is not what we have been told,” the flat-Earthers concluded on their website.

“Although there are several models within the flat Earth community, the most commonly represented is that of a circular disk and the Antarctic around us, which serves as a barrier in the form of an ice wall,” they said.


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