Flashing Green Light Beam on the Skies Above Istanbul: There’s Finally an Explanation

Flashing Green Light Beam on the Skies Above Istanbul: There’s Finally an Explanation

Luckily or not, the Universe never seems to take a break when it comes to leaving us all speechless. There are so many exciting phenomenons out there, and some of them even defy all human comprehension.

This February began in a very intriguing way, allowing those who are enthusiastic about aliens to speculate a lot. On February 1, a flashing green light beam emerged on the skies above Istanbul, leaving the beholders astonished. Some of them became scared. Others started to say that aliens might be trying to invade our planet. But a good portion of them bet on the meteor hypothesis. It seems that the imaginary prize goes to the latter group.

It was just another meteor

According to Hurriyet Daily News, the Turkish Space Agency revealed that the event was caused by a meteor. If you take a look at the footage, you’ll rapidly understand why the spectators were bringing so many diversified opinions on what could be happening:

YouTube video

It’s obvious that you don’t see something like that every day. As for the green light, perhaps this explanation of the Turkish Space Agency is relevant enough, as the Hurriyet Daily News quotes:

Meteors crash with many molecules after entering the Earth’s atmosphere and vapor of magnesium and sodium atoms occur.

At this point, there’s no information indicating that the meteor made it to the ground. Hopefully, that wasn’t the case, and everyone is safe.

Meteors enter our planet’s atmosphere very often, so in the vast majority of cases, there’s no need to worry if you spot one above the skies from your own city. Most of these space rocks don’t even make it to the surface, as the air friction does its job very well and obliterates them. You can’t fool around with the laws of physics!


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