Fireball Over New Zealand Generates Terrifying and Unexpected Sounds

Fireball Over New Zealand Generates Terrifying and Unexpected Sounds

Fireballs emerging above our heads don’t represent something that we witness every day. But when they appear, they will either give us the creeps or provide an unforgettable memory. 

According to The Guardian, many people living on the North Island of New Zealand, a region where there’s increased volcanic activity, were claiming that some unusual phenomenon occurred. They reported a huge flash of light but also powerful and rumbling sounds.

Meteor appearing in the daytime represents something rare

Meteors appearing in the daytime are even rarer than those occurring at night. Here’s what Dr. Duncan Steel has to say, a former NASA scientist, as The Guardian quotes:

In my lifetime I’ve only ever seen one daytime meteor. They are due to macrometeoroids in the atmosphere coming in very quickly, typically 30km per second. To be seen during the daytime it would need to be quite large, something the size of a rugby ball or bigger – that’s what makes them rare.

If you’re one of those lucky fellows who captured photos or videos of such an event, it would be a great idea to keep them! 

Here’s what Dr. Ian Griffin says about that, who’s the director of the Otago Museum, as the same source quotes:

We might be able to use them to triangulate the position of the thing, and where it landed – if it did land,

It may be quite scientifically important to retrieve … meteorites in this country are quite rare so actually getting one would be quite cool.

Back in late June, we wrote about another fireball emerging in the sky in the American state of Indiana. There’s even some relevant footage available for that event, and we presented it in the article.


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