Finding a Meteorite’s Remains in the US Could Make You Rich

Finding a Meteorite’s Remains in the US Could Make You Rich

You know what they say that money doesn’t fall from the sky, but we might have to rethink that unwritten rule of nature. The Universe is way bigger than any of us could ever imagine, and there’s no telling what kind of treasures it might harbor. 

Space rocks carrying precious metals through space don’t represent such an incredible scenario. Astrophysicists believe that the first atoms of gold in the Universe, for instance, were created due to the heavy pressure and heat that exist in supernovae. But what if finding traces of meteorites on Earth could make you rich?

Finding the traces of a meteorite that landed in Maine could get you a $25,000 prize

According to WION, a museum from Maine offers a $25,000 incentive for that lucky fellow who will find the remnants of a meteorite that appeared above the American state last week. The space object appeared as a massive fireball over the state during the daytime, which means that at least some constituent parts of it might still be somewhere out there on the ground.

It is believed that parts of the meteorite fell somewhere near the border that separates the US from Canada. Furthermore, the event even created a sonic boom while hurtling high above the soil.

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What’s for sure is that asteroids reach the Earth’s surface very often, but luckily, most of them are way too small to possibly pose a threat. Many space rocks enter our planet’s atmosphere but get totally obliterated before anything reaches the ground. The gravitational acceleration accompanied by air friction makes it possible for the world to remain safe and sound. 

As for the US, meteorites emerging across the skies above the country are relatively common, and each and every year, thousands of meteorite sightings are reported by the residents.


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