Feel Old Yet? Calculator Shows How Young You Would Be on Different Planets From the Solar System

Feel Old Yet? Calculator Shows How Young You Would Be on Different Planets From the Solar System

Hopefully, we all know how old we are. That’s because we have a precise idea of what a year means here on Earth. A full rotation of our planet around the Sun will last for exactly one year, or 365 days. But what happens if you’d be on another planet that’s positioned farther from our host star, and it revolves a lot slower? Yes, you’ve guessed it: you would have a different perception about the notion of a year. In other words, you would have a completely different age!

Now, if you’re curious how old you are on Jupiter or Mars, you’re in luck! While accessing the Digg.com publication, you can be rewarded with an exciting calculator that reveals your age on different planets of our Solar System. All you have to do is not lie about your age, which is perhaps the hardest part for many.

An adult on Earth, an infant on Jupiter

If, for instance, you’re preparing to graduate college on our planet, you would have the age of just a helpless infant on Jupiter who barely learned how to make the first steps without tripping.

Being 24 years old on Earth also means to be just a few weeks old on Pluto, the dwarf planet from the edge of the Solar System.

The paradox is that although we all live in a digital world, we humans basically measure time mechanically. A day means 24 hours or a full rotation of our planet around its own axis.

Jokes aside, if you would somehow move to another planet, that doesn’t mean that you’ll instantly transform into a younger or older person. It simply means that the very notion of a year will have a different definition as long as you’re not living on a planet like Earth.

Therefore, next time you feel too old and bored, remember that any extraterrestrial beings that could live on another planet of the Solar System would have to open the champagne for celebrating New Year’s Eve tens of times less than you do.

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