Fabulous NASA Image Shows Mars Moons Facing Each Other

Fabulous NASA Image Shows Mars Moons Facing Each Other

NASA made public a fabulous image depicting Mars’s moons facing each other. NASA photographed Deimos and Phobos and Deimos many times but was never able to take such a great shot with the two small moons of Mars. Even more, NASA has big plans for Mars since its RS-25 rocket has been successfully tested.

Mars’s satellites are very tiny even in comparison with our Moon

When comparing Mars’s satellites to our massive round Moon, they appear tiny. And the truth is that they are very small.

Phobos is only 27 km wide while its “brother”, Deimos, is only 15km in diameter.

NASA also released an animation of the two Mars’s satellites using 19 photos shot by the THEMIS camera that’s packed on the Mars Odyssey.

Mars Odyssey is orbiting around Mars for 17 years and offered some of the most beautiful pictures with the Red Planet, since 2001.

Mars Odyssey was just passing at more than 5,500 kilometers far from Phobos and at approximately 20,000 kilometers far from Deimos when it captured the photo that shows the two satellites facing each other.

The mission of the Mars Odyssey is to examine the Red Planet’s surface and to analyze its chemical features from the orbit.

Although the probe is flying around Mars for 17 years, the ability to take pictures with the planet’s natural satellites it’s quite new because just recently NASA engineers found a way to shift the spacecraft around making it possible for its THEMIS camera to aim towards at Phobos and Deimos.

NASA has big plans regarding the Red Planet

NASA hopes that human crew mission on Mars will be possible in the near future. Just recently, NASA tested its most powerful rocket, RS-25. The ignition test was a real success, therefore NASA is very optimistic about the future human missions for space exploration.

NASA’s RS-25 will be the future flagship of the American space agency which plans to bring human on the Moon, once again, and to send a human team on Mars.

In the meanwhile, let’s enjoy the two Mars’s moon, Phobos and Deimos facing each other.


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