Extreme Black Holes Have This Mind-Blowing Feature

Extreme Black Holes Have This Mind-Blowing Feature

You might have read a lot about black holes these days, but we bet you didn’t read about this strange feature that some of them have.

As you probably know by now, black holes are some of the most mysterious objects out there, in the universe. 

A part of their intrigue comes from the fact that they are actually among the simplest solutions to Einstein’s field equations of general activity. 

Black holes can be completely characterized by three physical quantities, according to Phys.org. 

The website notes that these are the following: their mass, spin and charge. “Since they have no additional “hairy” attributes to distinguish them, black holes are said to have “no hair”—Black holes of the same mass, spin, and charge are exactly identical to each other,” the online publication notes. 

Violating the black hole uniqueness theory 

Dr Lior Burko of Theiss research in collab with Professor Gaurav Khanna of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and the University of Rhode Island together with his former student Dr. Subir Sabharwal discovered that a special kind of black hole violates black hole uniqueness, the so-called “no hair” theorem, according to the publication. 

The notes revealed that the team studied extremal black holes – holes that are “saturated” with the maximum charge or spin they can possibly carry.

Experts found that there’s a quantity that can be constructed from the spacetime curvature at the black hole horizon that’s conserved and measurable by an observer who is distant. 

It’s also essential to mention the fact that the quantity depends on the way in which the black hole has been formed and not only on the three elements that we listed above. This means that it violates the black hole uniqueness. 

We suggest that you check out all the available details about the theory in the original article. 

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