Extraterrestrial Life: Mysterious Triangle-Shaped UFO Caught On Footage While Traveling Into A Lightning Bolt

Extraterrestrial Life: Mysterious Triangle-Shaped UFO Caught On Footage While Traveling Into A Lightning Bolt

For a long time, scientists from throughout the world had been working tirelessly to reveal the scientific evidence of extraterrestrial life way out of our Solar System.

Whereas past studies had raised several disputes regarding the extraterrestrial life, the most recent discoveries made by ufologists have flabbergasted many people, as a triangle-shaped UFO traveling in a lightning bolt has been caught on video.

In one breathtaking discovery, extraterrestrial life seekers have stumbled upon a new UFO sighting in which UFO investigators have witnessed a puzzling triangular-shaped object traversing the skies in a lightning bolt.

Secureteam10, a renowned YouTube channel for its videos which debate new UFO-related and extraterrestrials-related discoveries, has featured a video on the intriguing triangle-shaped object encounter. The Youtuber theorized that either the extraterrestrial craft was traveling via the lightning bolt or it used the lightning bolt to charge itself up with energy.

Beyond the triangle-shaped UFO discussions, scientists talked about using Artificial Intelligence to identify extraterrestrial life

In the middle of this spirited discussion about ET, a number of scientists from the University of Plymouth have leveraged the potential of ANNs (artificial neural networks) and AI (artificial intelligence) to identify extraterrestrial life. These technologies, even more, may also assist researchers in their predictions regarding the location of other planets and solve other mysteries in the Universe.

“We are currently interested in these ANNs to prioritize exploration of a hypothetical, intelligent interstellar spacecraft that scans a remote exoplanet system,” said the senior author of the research, Mr. Christopher Bishop, while speaking about ANN’s advances.

“We are also considering the use of a large area, deployable, flat Fresnel antennas to bring data back to Earth from an interstellar probe over long distances. This would be necessary if the technology is used in robotic spacecraft in the future,” he continued.

In the meantime, watch and enjoy the Secureteam10’s video showing the triangle-shaped UFO that baffled a lot of people recently plus more other cool images and footages showing mysterious UFOs appearances during storms.

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