Expert Reveals How the Most Successful People Train Their Minds

Expert Reveals How the Most Successful People Train Their Minds

Let’s admit it: being successful is not exactly child’s play. Most people struggle their whole life in vain to achieve such a goal. A brain expert now tells us that what the most successful people do to remain that way is always sharpening the power of their memory, according to CNBC. To be more precise, the “CODE” method is used, which stands for capture, organize, distill, and express.

Capture: keep only relevant info

There’s a huge amount of info out there that we’re all getting bombarded with, so we can’t possibly memorize it all. That means that we obviously need only to retain what’s important to us. We should do that by asking ourselves a few simple questions:

Is it inspiring?

Is it really useful?

Is it personal?

Does it have a level of unexpectedness?


Organize the info you retain. You may need an app for that, and there are so many out there to choose from! The info you gather can be placed into one of the following categories: areas, projects, resources, and archives.


To distill, in this case, means to find the essence in the information you have. You’ll have to identify connections between the ideas you have.

You can read an article about a topic and start developing an idea about something else that’s somehow related to that article. 

Express: show others what you’ve done

We’re social beings by nature, and some even say that we can’t be happy unless we have the attention and validation of others. Therefore, it can not come as a surprise that you also need to show your work to others in order to sharpen your memory power.

A wise man once said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a memory is priceless.


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