Ex-NASA Scientist Warns That UFO Sightings Are Indeed Alien Crafts

Ex-NASA Scientist Warns That UFO Sightings Are Indeed Alien Crafts

An ex-NASA scientist, currently a physics professor at the University at Albany, State University of New York, claims that many governments around the world cover up the UFO phenomenon and encounters with aliens for undisclosed reasons. He also warns that UFO sightings are indeed alien crafts.

As he reported, in 1988, the professor, back then only a graduate at the Montana State University, was discussing the aliens topic with some colleagues when a physics professor joined in and talked about a situation that occurred at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, Montana, where UFOs were shutting down nuclear missiles. Only 20 years later the professor had the chance to make a connection between similar events to what the other professor talked about.

The professor explained for The Daily Mail that he had the opportunity to witness a press conference from the 60s where some former US Air Force personnel from Malmstrom AFB were talking about how UFOs were hovering the base shutting down missiles.

Governments cover up alien encounters, and the majority of UFO sightings are indeed alien crafts

Even though there is enough scientific evidence to study more this UFO phenomenon, the topic is considered shallow and commonly dubbed as “a conspiracy theory” and ditched by the science community, the ex-NASA scientist stated for The Daily Mail. Also, governments know about alien encounters but keep the silence for reasons known only by them.

On the other hand, as the professor reported, not all the UFO sightings are extraterrestrial. Could also be experimental aircraft or optical illusions, but, he thinks, the majority of these sightings are indeed alien crafts hovering over the Earth.

Returning to scientists’ skepticism regarding UFOs and aliens, the ex-NASA scientist said that there are many plausible witnesses and close encounters documents that should arouse any real scientists into investigating the phenomenon because, as he said, no researcher should exclude a theory only because is not a mainstream one.


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