Evolutionary History Might Change As The Scientists Found A 400-million-year-old Plant Fossil

Evolutionary History Might Change As The Scientists Found A 400-million-year-old Plant Fossil

A plant fossil was found in the Canadian environment and had 400 million years. A team of researchers has recently discovered it. Experts are underlining the implications of this project, stating that this study is bringing insight into the evolutionary history. The research can be found in the Current Biology scientific journal, according to Fox News.

According to the paper, the researchers analyzed chips of rock that were specially brought from Campbellton Formation in New Brunswick. This unique formation is composed of the remainings of an extinct plant that is related to the herbaceous bryophytes category. The plants date back from the period when the Earth was mostly covered by ground before it managed to become a forest.

A 400-million-year-old Plant Fossil Might Rewrite The Evolutionary History

The senior author, Andrew Leslie, has declared that this particular type of plant is probably part of a snapshot, which is hard to find nowadays. It offers researchers the possibility to analyze the transition during the evolutionary period.

The plant fossil that was discovered is reported to have produced spores that range from 70 to 200 microns in diameter, which means one or two strands of hair. This discovery came as a surprise to the scientists, given the condition in which this rare example was found. Leslie has underlined how precious it is to get in contact with this many sporangia that are well-preserved at the same time.

This discovery is believed to be amongst the oldest species ever analyzed, dating back from 20 million years ago. These fossils are extremely useful in determining where and how did they evolved into a flower that eventually leads to the presence of forests. In addition to this, the researchers can determine how the plants can develop their pores. Leslie has concluded that the land plant reproduction system is still a complex one, and further research needs to be done to complete the evolutionary history of life on Earth.

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