Everybody Can Now Simulate an Asteroid Impact in Their Own Town Due to New Software

Everybody Can Now Simulate an Asteroid Impact in Their Own Town Due to New Software

If the misanthrope in you has always wanted to see an asteroid smashing into your own hometown and leaving behind a gigantic crater, we have some news that will probably make you happy. An online app can now allow you to simulate such an impact pretty much anywhere you want on the globe. 

The app in question is simply known as the Asteroid Launcher, and you shouldn’t hesitate to try it out, at least for fun! You can choose the spot of the collision all the way from Europe to the USA or from other continents as well. After the “impact,” you’ll see a big crater remaining behind that’s in accordance with the main info that you have chosen regarding the asteroid. 

Set the cosmic stage just the way you want it!

While using the Asteroid Launcher app, the choice is all yours when it comes to the cosmic stage! You can set the rules of the sinister game just the way you’ve always wanted them! You can choose for the asteroid to be made of iron, carbon, or stone. You can even choose a comet if that’s what you want. You also get to choose the diameter, speed and impact angle of your space rock. However, you can’t make the asteroid or comet larger than 1 mile in diameter, but even such space objects can leave behind a lot of disarrays, pain, grief, and damage.

After the “impact,” the app will show you the aftermath of the catastrophic event. For instance, choosing to hit a very populated city with a comet that measures a mile wide and travels at the maximum allowed speed of 250,000mph would leave behind a crater that measures 19 miles wide. The crater would also be 0.5 miles deep, and the impact itself would be the equivalent of 1,864 Gigatons of TNT detonated. An estimated number of almost 900,000 people would be vaporized in the crater.

How about an asteroid made of iron?

Running the same software once again and choosing an asteroid made of iron this time to hit a very populated area, we will find out that the impact would leave behind a crater that measures 43 miles wide and would have a depth of 0.65 miles. Such an asteroid would also hit with the force of 17,248 Gigatons of TNT. Millions of people could also be vaporized in the crater. 

However, there’s also some good news, apart from the fact that we’re only talking about virtual impacts, so they don’t exist in the real world. An impact the size of the one latter described usually happens once every 48 million years. 

Would humanity be ready for a possible impact with a huge asteroid?

Humanity might actually be closer than ever to not need to worry just in case a huge asteroid approaches our planet, threatening our existence as a species. Just a few months ago, NASA managed to use its DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission in order to change the trajectory of a small asteroid successfully. The success was possible by simply smashing the spacecraft into the asteroid. The achievement grants a lot of hope that a similar procedure could be used at a much larger scale in the future, such as if a “Chicxulub 2.0” asteroid will ever have our planet’s name written on it.

The famous American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson also spoke about NASA’s mission, adding that bumping into an asteroid is a better idea than just destroying the space object with nukes, for instance. That’s because the remaining pieces of the space rock could cause the world a lot of trouble if they still land on the surface. 


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