Energy Drinks’ Taurine Could Make Us Live Longer and Healthier

Energy Drinks’ Taurine Could Make Us Live Longer and Healthier

Perhaps everybody knows by now that consuming energy drinks too often can lead to some dangerous health problems. If you’re a big hit with Red Bull and other related energy drinks, you may have to deal with anxiety and heart complications later. 

However, a new study from Columbia University provides more insight into the taurine substance that exists in energy drinks. If you’re planning to live a long and healthy life, you should definitely take into account what these scientists have to say.

Taurine could make you live longer

The new research claims that taurine, which is found in meat, fish, dairy, and certain energy drinks, is a potential fountain of youth, and the New York Post brings details. The new study, which is led by Vijay Yadav and his team, explored the impact of taurine on aging and longevity.

The research revealed a decline in taurine levels as individuals aged, with 60-year-olds having only one-third of the levels found in 5-year-olds. Further experiments with animals such as mice and monkeys indicated that taurine deficiency could contribute to the aging process as well. However, when these animals were provided with a taurine-supplemented diet, the average lifespan increased by 12% in female mice and 10% in males.

Taurine, known scientifically as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is a non-proteinogenic amino sulfonic acid that pervades various animal tissues. The compound plays a significant role in bodily functions, being a prominent component of bile and exhibiting presence in the expansive realm of the large intestine. Its importance is further highlighted by the fact that taurine contributes to approximately 0.1% of the overall weight of the human body.

Taurine supplementation also yielded other benefits, such as increased energy expenditure, improved muscle endurance, reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, enhanced bone mass, decreased insulin resistance, and a more youthful immune system.

In the end, there’s no use getting too optimistic and opening the champagne, at least not yet. While the new discovery is promising, experts emphasize caution and advise against excessive taurine supplementation. Further research is still necessary to fully comprehend its effects and ensure safe usage. 



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