Elon Musk: Under Those Rules Humanity Will Never Go to Mars

Elon Musk: Under Those Rules Humanity Will Never Go to Mars

Elon Musk is well-known as one of the most vehement voices in the media about sending people to Mars. Even so, the business magnate shocked many people with a recent claim that has sparked controversy. He believes that under a certain situation, humanity won’t visit the Red Planet.

Elon Musk’s surprising commentary was made in the context of the US Federal Aviation Authority delaying the launch of a rocket by 24 hours, according to Sky News.

Fully fuelled with propellant for nothing

Elon Musk was mad that although the spacecraft was on the launchpad and fully fuelled with propellant, the green light to ignite didn’t come.

Musk unveiled in 2019 the Starship spacecraft and the launch vehicle Super Heavy. The two structures were made to carry crew and cargo “to the moon, Mars or anywhere else in the solar system” and come back to Earth, according to Musk.

Going to Mars seems mandatory

While we’re hoping that Elon Musk still considers seriously the idea to send humans to Mars, colonizing our neighbouring planet is practically mandatory since the future of humanity is at stake. Earth won’t provide resources to us forever, and by ‘us’ we mean the whole human race, including those who will come after the current generations. When the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake, we should all do our best to find a new home elsewhere in the Solar System. Beyond the Solar System would also be an option, but for the moment, the distances are way too high for the current technology.

SpaceX, the company founded by Elon Musk, continues to be very active in the distribution of Starlink satellites that have the purpose of providing broadband internet connections to remote regions across the world. So far, the company deployed 1,023 satellites over the course of 18 launches.


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  1. Good for you finally telling it and say it again! You’ll never ever and neither will your grandchildren grandchildren do much more than fly really really high! Outerspace is a one way ticket at best! Anything out there wouldn’t be coming back, I can’t believe how simple minded the masses are that believe anything their told.So many unsolved and compounding problems to equate to ever get us there. Why not turn your attention to the planet your on? I mean mother earth is all in sustaining you. So much still uncharted unknown here or maybe go clean up the trash the size of Texas in the ocean.Or while sending 1023 more future trash to orbit earth bring some of the trash that’s out there back when your doing it? Oh right. Wasn’t manned. Just adding to future problems for mother earth.


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