Elon Musk Brings Major Announcement: Neuralink Could Represent the Cure for Tinnitus

Elon Musk Brings Major Announcement: Neuralink Could Represent the Cure for Tinnitus

Surely nobody is a fan of hearing a constant and persistent buzz in his head, although there’s no exterior factor creating it. It’s also known as tinnitus, and each and every person has to deal with some level of it. 

If you don’t believe us, lock yourself in an extremely quiet room. Just trying to listen to that absolute silence will grant you a big surprise. There’s actually a sound there, and it’s going on only in your head.

The problem occurs when a person’s tinnitus level surpasses a certain level. The constant sound can become so unbearable that it could lead to depression, anxiety, trouble concentrating, and more.

But as you’ve already guessed, Elon Musk proposes something new to get rid of the tinnitus problem, although it could take plenty of time.

In a post made on Twitter, where the famous businessman said that Neuralink can address morbid obesity, a person asked him if the technology could be a solution against tinnitus. Musk replied by saying:

Definitely. Might be less than 5 years away, as current version Neuralinks are semi-generalized neural read/write devices with ~1000 electrodes and tinnitus probably needs <<1000.

Future gen Neuralinks will increase electrode count by many orders of magnitude.

You can see the discussion below as soon as you read the replies:

Neuralink has the goal of developing a device that shall be implanted in the human brain to allow the person’s thoughts to be translated into action.

Oddly enough, tinnitus can have its origin also in other parts of the body except for the ear itself. It could have its origin in the brain, for instance. The persistent sound can be perceived as buzzing, ringing, roaring, whistling, or hissing. At this point, there’s no known cure for tinnitus. 

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