Electric Blue Auroras Embellish the Sky

Electric Blue Auroras Embellish the Sky

On April 20, a sudden solar geomagnetic storm hit our planet. Consequently, if you were in the Northern Hemisphere, you might have noticed that the skies lit up. Those who paid attention to the sky saw that there was an impressive light show going on with amazingly colored auroras.

An Impressive Show

People found all over the world took millions of photos of the amazing phenomenon. They shared them on social media and many more commented on the spectacular lights. In fact, plenty others woke up even before the sunrise to make sure they are catching a sight of the rare happening. Reports have shown that they were bright enough to cover up the city night lights, so some people stayed up all night to enjoy the view.

If you’re like most people, probably you had to point your camera up to the sky if you wanted to immortalize the moment. However, one person was lucky enough to witness it right from the sky. Matt Melnyk works as a pilot, and at the moment, he was 39,000 feet up in the sky. He was flying from Edmonton to Toronto when he happened to see the impressive auroras over Manitoba.

Who Could See it?

According to various reports, the green and electric-blue auroras could be seen as south as Indiana is. Besides, some people spotted the colors over Tasmania, an Australian island in the Southern Hemisphere. The light show took place thanks to an unusual geomagnetic storm. Usually, these are caused by solar flares, but this one appeared because of an ‘interplanetary shock wave’.

This special types of storms produce brighter auroras, and the blue ones are some of the rarest. The blue ones appear when solar winds come together with charged nitrogen molecules. Meanwhile, the yellow and green northern lights happen when the particles from the sun hit the oxygen molecules.


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