Earth Will Run Out of Oxygen at Some Point, Scientists Claim

Earth Will Run Out of Oxygen at Some Point, Scientists Claim

They say you can’t live without love, but oxygen might be even more important. Just as anything in life comes to an end at some point, it’s also the case for oxygen itself. If the nihilist from you was suspecting that for a while, well, we must inform you that a new study confirms your hunch.

Scientists also acknowledge the fact that the Sun itself will also die at some point, which is the indirect source of oxygen. Sun is nurturing plants so that they can maintain their ability to create oxygen for each and every one of us to breathe and continue our lives.

But there are about 5 billion years more to wait until the death of our Sun. We’re sorry to disappoint you, but none of us will live to witness the apocalyptic event. 

Now let’s come back to the oxygen problem. 

The atmosphere will be rich in methane and to the detriment of oxygen

According to a new study that was published in Nature Geoscience, the atmosphere is expected to return at some point to an old stage that it once had – rich in methane and lacking enough oxygen. However, this is expected to happen in the far future, which means that unless you’ve found the secret of living for over a billion years, there’s no use in worrying. That’s the minimum amount of time that has to pass for the shift of the atmosphere’s composition to occur. 

A statement of the new study says:

The model projects that a deoxygenation of the atmosphere, with atmospheric O2 dropping sharply to levels reminiscent of the Archaean Earth, will most probably be triggered before the inception of moist greenhouse conditions in Earth’s climate system and before the extensive loss of surface water from the atmosphere.

We definitely should learn to appreciate oxygen a lot more!

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