Earth Has Just Been Through Its Hottest Month Ever Recorded, the NOAA Claims

Earth Has Just Been Through Its Hottest Month Ever Recorded, the NOAA Claims

Earth is dealing with unusually scorching temperatures, and no, it’s not just you. the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also believes likewise. Climate change is mostly to blame, and the United Nations issued a report warning us all about the threat.

We hate to say it, but data released this Friday by NOAA’s website claims that July 2021 was the hottest month that was ever recorded. The Government agency also has some details.

Temperature monitoring began 142 years ago

Rick Spinrad, Ph.D. and NOAA Administrator, said via

In this case, first place is the worst place to be,

July is typically the world’s warmest month of the year, but July 2021 outdid itself as the hottest July and month ever recorded. This new record adds to the disturbing and disruptive path that climate change has set for the globe.

The combined temperature for the surface of lands and oceans was 1.67 degrees F more than the average of 60.4 degrees F, the latter representing the average temperature of the 20th century. The stats make July 2021 the hottest month since the records began 142 years ago.

According to the Global Annual Temperature Rankings Outlook of NCEI and as emphasized by the NOAA, it’s very likely for 2021 to rank as one of the planet’s 10-warmest years on record.

According to a recent study, the major changes from Earth’s climate are very unlikely to have occurred naturally. In other words, many of us could be responsible for climate change.
As reveals, humans are influencing the Earth’s temperature by cutting down forests, burning fossil fuels, and farming livestock. Such actions add huge amounts of greenhouse gases to those that naturally occur in the atmosphere, which leads to the increasing of the greenhouse effect and also of global warming.


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