Drones Are Saving Dogs Stranded By the Volcano’s Eruption in La Palma

Drones Are Saving Dogs Stranded By the Volcano’s Eruption in La Palma

The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano from La Palma has caused a lot of disarrays. Thousands of people were evacuated from their homes, and to make things worse, animals were left stranded by the event. But thankfully, there are solutions to these problems.

According to NPR.org, the Aerocamaras company is up to use drones to rescue dogs that are stranded by the lava in La Palma, an island from Spain. Drones will pick up the animals using nets, and the permissions needed were granted.

Not an easy mission

There’s no use expecting an easy mission to rescue all those dogs. The battery life of the drones will also play a critical role. As the company said via Twitter and translated as appeared on NPR.org:

Our pilots are conducting tests together with the emergency teams at this moment,

Due to the complexity of the operation, we need calm and concentration,

Behold the original message:


“It’s the first time an animal is being rescued with a drone” that will also trap it, as the Aerocamaras CEO Jaime Pereira declared and is quoted by NPR.org. He also added, “If that’s the last option that the dogs have? Then we’re going after them.”

The lava belonging to the volcano’s eruption has even fallen into the sea in Playa Nueva, which is located near Tazacorte (La Palma, Spain). In that place, roughly 4,600 people live. All of the people from a 2-km radius had been evacuated, according to the Mayor of Tazacorte Juan Miguel Rodriguez Acosta.

Some fun facts about drones, according to The Future of Things, are:

  • the military developed them.
  • drones are very expensive.
  • drones can fly for a relatively short period of time.


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