Don’t Miss the ‘Snow Moon’ of February 2022!

Don’t Miss the ‘Snow Moon’ of February 2022!

The Moon is our faithful companion during nighttime regardless of where we choose to go, and it often amazes us with its beautiful appearances. If you’re not aware of what a ‘snow moon’ is, it refers to the stage of our natural satellite as it goes through the winter season and features a bright and beautiful glow. February is usually the month of the year full of snow, so that’s why we have a so-called ‘snow Moon’ this month!

CNN reveals that we can have the privilege of witnessing the emergence of a ‘snow Moon’ on the night sky starting midnight Tuesday. Time is a luxury we can’t afford for this purpose, as the event will last only until Thursday at midnight.

Stay awake soon after the sunset

You know what they say that waking up in the morning is a sign that you’re a wise person. Staying awake at such a time will even grant you the best opportunity to feast your eyes upon the ‘snow Moon’ from February 2022. Pretty much the only thing that will be able to rob you of the opportunity of seeing the wonderful sight is represented by the gathering of clouds themselves. If the sky isn’t cloudy in the area you live in, you’ll almost surely get a front-row seat to observe the ‘snow Moon’ from February 2022.

YouTube video

Even though we all know that the Moon is easily visible to the naked eye, grabbing a pair of binoculars will grant you an even more immersive experience.

Here’s what Gordon Johnson has to say, as quoted by NASA’s website:

Stay warm, but when the sky is clear, take advantage of these early nightfalls and late sunrises to get out, look up, and share the wonders of the sky!

Feel free to tell us if you’re excited about the news of the ‘snow Moon’ of February 2022!


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