Don’t Miss the Last Supermoon of 2021

Don’t Miss the Last Supermoon of 2021

Nature is always willing to unfold its beauties to us all, and we have a great example in the upcoming “strawberry” moon that will be delighting our eyes soon. Also known as the last Supermoon of 2021, the event will be visible next week on the night sky.

CBS NEWS writes about the upcoming celestial event that we can surely bet that it will be spectacular.

What exactly is a supermoon? Simple: the event that happens when our natural satellite is positioned at its closest point to our planet in its orbit, which is known as perigee. As the name itself suggests, a supermoon will appear a bit larger and brighter than a normal full moon.

Gordon Johnson from NASA declared:

For 2021, some publications consider the four full Moons from March to June, some the three full Moons from April to June, and some only the two full Moons in April and May as supermoons.

It’s not hard to guess why the June full moon is called a “strawberry moon”, either. Farmer’s Almanac reveals that the term was given by Native American tribes because of the strawberries that were harvested in various parts of North America during this time of year.

Get ready for June 24

The Forbes informs us that the “strawberry moon” will be visible starting June 4 at about 20 minutes after the sunset. The event will reach its full glory at 18:40 pm UTC, meaning that it will become a full moon.

The moon is not only a great sight on the night sky – it also has a tremendous role in moderating our planet’s wobble on the axis and therefore making it more suitable for life. Our natural satellite is also responsible for causing tides.

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