Don’t Miss the Green Comet Leonard This December

Don’t Miss the Green Comet Leonard This December

If there’s one thing neither of us can complain about when it comes to astronomy, it is that the field never becomes boring. We’re constantly being reminded by natural phenomenons that the Universe is full of activity. Last but not least, we’re also reminded that humanity is far from being in charge of what’s going on up there.

One of the examples is represented by the comet Leonard that will pass through space nearby this December. The space object will manifest itself as a green and imposing flash, giving us the opportunity to remain with an incredible memory about the skies above us.

Prepare until December 11! tells us that comet Leonard will come close enough to our planet in less than a week and that it’s the best comet that we can see in many months. The space object will leave behind a green tail due to the heating of the nitrogen and carbon. The Sun will be warming up the comet. We’ll likely be able to spot Leonard with the naked eye, although grabbing some binoculars is an even better idea. Also, we should pray for no clouds to be present in the sky so that we’ll get a clear sight of Leonard.

There are lots of opportunities to see Leonard in the sky. The space object will make its entrance into the sky until December 11. The comet is more for those who like waking up in the morning, as the best time to spot it is at around 6:15 am.

Leonard will also go around the Sun on January 3. It will fly away from our Solar System, with no possible way of ever coming back, as far as astronomers know.

Feel free to tell us if you’re happy about the idea of seeing comet Leonard in the sky this December!

Cristian Antonescu

Even since he was a child, Cristian was staring curiously at the stars, wondering about the Universe and our place in it. Today he's seeing his dream come true by writing about the latest news in astronomy. Cristian is also glad to be covering health and other science topics, having significant experience in writing about such fields.

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