Doctor Surprisingly Claims That Smartphone Usage Can Cause Increased Urination Rate

Doctor Surprisingly Claims That Smartphone Usage Can Cause Increased Urination Rate

Let’s face it. Before we make ourselves cozy in bed late at night in order to start a long and resting sleep, many of us like to open our phones a bit. We like to scroll along with the news feed. Who knows what exciting things we can find? A friend might have gotten married. Another one might have won the lottery. There could be a new post about our favorite cat breed. The possibilities are endless, and sure, it’s fun to use the smartphone!

But are we really supposed to do that before falling asleep? New research by Captain Clinic president Liu Po-jen, who’s an expert in functional nutrition, sheds some light on the subject. According to Taipei Times, the doctor says that using the smartphone less than one hour before going to bed will cause frequent urination.

Blame it on the blue light

The blue light that smartphones emit seems to be causing a lot of trouble. It has the ability to ruin a person’s sleep by inhibiting melatonin production, but that’s not all. Liu also raises awareness that blue light is even capable of inhibiting the production of antidiuretic hormones.

Therefore, you can easily guess what the solution to the problem can be: just don’t use the phone an hour before you tuck up in your bed at night. 

In the world today, 6.68 billion people own a smartphone, as Statista informs. This means over 83 percent of the entire world population.
Nobody denies the importance of smartphones, but it’s clear that these devices can do some harm sometimes. Besides, they can cause a pretty unhealthy addiction.

We suggest you make a bet with yourself. Try going to bed without checking the phone for a whole week. See how you feel and analyze it for yourself. Then come here and tell us about your experience in the comment section! Are you up for the challenge?


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