Doctor Explains How Reversed Psychology Can Cure Your Insomnia

Doctor Explains How Reversed Psychology Can Cure Your Insomnia

Dealing with insomnia is something that happens to the vast majority of people at least once in life. But even so, neglecting it is not a choice. Assuming that you’re not a fan of going to the doctor or pharmacy, you might be willing to try a completely natural way of overcoming your insomnia.

Dr. Karan Raj is famous on TikTok, and he’s now sharing an important message to those suffering from insomnia: you can overcome it by using reversed psychology. At first, surely the idea sounds absurd, but Raj claims that it’s exactly what cured his insomnia.

How it works

In a nutshell, you lay down in bed, saying to yourself that you won’t fall asleep. That’s right, you’ve read it correctly!

Dr. Karan Raj explains everything, as The Jerusalem Post quotes:

When I started working as a doctor, I struggled with insomnia. There’s one thing I thought wouldn’t work but it did.

Basically, you say to yourself ‘I’m not going to sleep’ and you stay awake. You don’t read a book, play with your phone or watch TV, anything. You just lie in bed with your eyes open. You force yourself to stay awake, tell yourself ‘Don’t go to sleep, don’t go to sleep.’ In many cases, you’ll feel tired and fall asleep. It works for me.

In the comments, the doctor added, as the same source quotes:

By the way, this is called ‘paradoxical intent.’ If I tell you not to think about a polar bear … guess what you’ll think of first? Works the same way!

We should never neglect our sleep. Plenty of studies have shown that getting enough sleep is crucial for living a healthy life. A recent study even claims that poor sleep could lead to inflammation in the brain.

If you’re not satisfied with what Dr. Karan Raj had to share with the world, you can also check out the “Simple Tips To Fall Asleep Faster And Feel More Rested In The Morning” article.

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