Dinosaur Footprint on the Coast of England Breaks Record

Dinosaur Footprint on the Coast of England Breaks Record

Over 700 species of dinosaurs roamed across the Earth tens of millions of years ago. In other words, those huge beasts were numerous, so we shouldn’t be surprised if they’ve left their footprints behind, even literally speaking.

According to a recent study that appears in Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society and that The Jerusalem Post tells the world about, a gigantic dinosaur footprint was discovered in Yorkshire, England in 2021, it is believed to be the largest of its kind ever found in the county. The footprint is also a rarity, as it is only the sixth of its kind to have ever been found in the Cleveland Basin, where it was discovered. The discovery of this footprint sheds light on the prehistoric creatures that once roamed the area and added to our understanding of the diversity and size of dinosaurs that existed during the time when the footprint was made. The finding of such a remarkable fossil is a testament to the importance of continued exploration and research in the field of paleontology.

The dinosaur footprint measures one meter long

Dr. Dean Lomax from the University of Manchester explained, as The Jerusalem Post quotes:

The most intriguing feature of our footprint is a long portion preserved at the back of the foot, which is an impression of what we call the metapodium,

He also added, as the same source quotes:

The presence of this might suggest our large meat-eater was squatting down in the mud, before standing up and walking away,

It’s fun to think this dinosaur might well have been strolling along a muddy coastal plain one lazy Sunday afternoon in the Jurassic.

One amazing and amusing fact about dinosaurs is that some species had feathers! This may come as a surprise, as most depictions of dinosaurs show them with reptilian skin. However, recent fossil discoveries have shown that some dinosaurs, such as Velociraptor and Archaeopteryx, had feathers or feather-like structures.

In fact, some scientists believe that birds evolved from small, feathered dinosaurs. So, in a way, birds are modern-day dinosaurs! This fact is both amazing and amusing, as it challenges our traditional image of what dinosaurs looked like and reminds us that the world of prehistoric creatures was even more diverse and interesting than we previously thought.


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