Dawn Aerospace Develops Engine Capable of Making a Rocket Fly to Space Several Times Per Day

Dawn Aerospace Develops Engine Capable of Making a Rocket Fly to Space Several Times Per Day

Extremely fast rockets are indeed needed by the world, whether we intend to fly to other planets or not. Advanced engines and bright minds are needed to make such scenarios become a reality, but luckily, the world still has plenty of geniuses.

Reaching cosmic space is not just a scenario for sci-fi movies for plenty of time, but how about doing such a thing multiple times a day? That would surely be a challenge, but it won’t be anymore, as Yahoo Life informs us that the Dutch-New Zealand company known as Dawn Aerospace is working on an engine capable of propelling a rocket to space and back several times in a single day.

Mk-II Aurora will have the future engine

Dawn Aerospace has some impressive experience when it comes to space exploration. The company recently conducted five flights of the Mk-II Aurora. The spacecraft is supposed to be equipped with the “magical” engine.

Stefan Powell, the CEO of Dawn Aerospace, said for Robb Report as quoted by Yahoo Life:

Mk-II will also be used to capture atmospheric data for weather and climate modeling, and to conduct scientific research and technology demonstrations,

Mk-II serves as a technology demonstrator for our two-stage-to-orbit-vehicle, the Mk-III.

Dawn Aerospace promises a lot when it comes to space exploration, and we’re eager to hear a lot more about the company. A description from the official website of the company says:

Using our series of space-proven components, we can quickly design and build propulsion systems of 50 N.s to 250,000 N.s in size, making them suitable for any satellite.

The world hopes to go to Mars this decade, and more and more ideas of astronomers regarding rocket engines can only be beneficial.


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