Dark Energy Experiment Returned No Reliable Results

Dark Energy Experiment Returned No Reliable Results

A new experiment made by scientists is trying to prove the theory of the dark matter. Unfortunately, nothing further was found to prove the existence of new forces. This result can lead to some limitation regarding the methods that are saying the opposite. The dark matter or dark energy is an unknown force, and it’s making the Universe expand in a fast way.

The Dark Energy

According to some scientists, the dark energy is listed as the fifth force that has an actual action on the matter. Besides the dark energy, we know the gravitational force, the electromagnetic force, and the strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces. The problem with the fifth force is that it can’t be found so easy. Scientists are looking for it, but they are thinking that it’s hiding after massive objects such as planets.

However, the scientists from the University of Nottingham and the Imperial College London had a theory. They think that dark energy has action only on single atoms. Unfortunately, the result of the experiment has proven nothing because no evidence was found. If this will continue to be valid after other similar tests, then the theory of the dark energy that is modifying the theory of gravity is out. The problem is that no other option and arguments are left, and no more places to search for the dark energy.

The Experiment

The results of the experiment are in the Physical Review Letters. The purpose of the study was to test the theories which say that dark energy is acting in the opposite way beside gravity. In English, it means that the dark energy will be weaker when it has more matter around than the opposite.

For making that possible, the scientist used two weights – one larger and one small. The small weight consists of a single atom. To sum up, after using an atom interferometer for the test and a sphere of metal, no evidence of the fifth force is available.

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