Cygnus Cargo Ship Carries Valuable Resources To The ISS

Cygnus Cargo Ship Carries Valuable Resources To The ISS

A selection of goods was sent to the International Space Station with the help of a Northrop Grumman Cygnus cargo ship. Among the content found in the cargo, the astronauts received candy, cheese, and science gear.

A robotic arm was used to capture and position to uncrewed Cygnus NG-13 cargo ship. While the cargo was recovered on February 18, the ship was launched into orbit three days earlier by using an Antares rocket. One of the members of the Expedition 62 crew operated the arm, which was used to secure the spacecraft. The event took place as the two spacecraft were floating about southern Russia at an altitude of 265 miles (or 426 kilometers).

Cygnus NG-13 has been named S.S. Robert H. Lawrence, as a memento for the memory of Major Robert H. Lawrence Jr., the first African American who was selected to be trained as an astronaut for the Manned Orbiting Laboratory, a project that involved the construction and operation of a military space station. Lawrence lost his life during a training accident that occurred at a later date.

Cygnus Cargo Ship Launched To The ISS

Andrew Morgan, the astronaut who secured the spacecraft, stated that the moment when Lawrence was selected to become an astronaut in a national space program proved that courage and determination could defeat impossible odds. His inclusion marked an essential step for progress and diversity in human spaceflight.

More than 7,500 lbs (or 3,400 kilograms) of supplies, new science experiments, and essential gear have been brought to the space to be used by the Expedition 62 crew.

Twenty new scientific experiments will be conducted within the station, with one of the most interesting ones being Mochii, a small scanning electron that will allow researchers to quickly learn the chemical structure of a sample without the need to send it back to Earth. The astronauts will have the chance to enjoy several types of tasty cheese that were sent as a treat.


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