Curiosity Rover Celebrates 2000 Sols On Mars – Curiosity Mission’s Main Events

Curiosity Rover Celebrates 2000 Sols On Mars – Curiosity Mission’s Main Events

Today is a special day for the exploration of Mars because the Mars Curiosity Rover celebrates 2,000 sols (Martian days) on Mars. Currently, Curiosity is analyzing the Gale crater.

So far, Curiosity has discovered traces of ancient rivers, deltas, and lakes on the Red Planet’s surface and has determined what the primitive atmosphere of the planet was like, as well as its current composition. Besides, Curiosity has performed the first drills on the surface of another world.

Mars Rover Curiosity Celebrates 2000 Sols On Mars – Curiosity Mission’s Main Events

Sol 0

The first image of the front camera of the rover used to detect obstacles during the crossing. You can see in the distance the central mountain of the Gale crater, the primary objective of the Curiosity’s mission, where the rover arrived earlier today when the Mars Rover Curiosity celebrates 2000 sols on Mars.

Sol 39

The definitive evidence that the water flowed on Mars in its early life.

Sol 182

Mars is gray! The first perforation in the ground of another world showed that the layer of oxidized materials that covers Mars is of a few millimeters thick. Also, Curiosity discovered organic compounds on Mars for the first time.

Sol 580

Stratified sediments with tilt patterns that indicate water flow from the gullies to the bottom of Lake Galek, forming a delta.

Sol 1099

The image reveals the different nuances the Mars landscape, due to the different composition of each of the groups of rocks.

Sol 1196

Mars is currently having a very dynamic atmosphere. This image shows the 4-meter high sand wall of the Namib dune.

Sol 1505

The iron and nickel meteorite identified by Curiosity is the size of a golf ball and adds up to the big collection of meteorites found by the Opportunity rover.

Sol 1555

Quartered terrain that was formed as a result of the drying of mud. On the same day, the Curiosity team revealed the CO2 emissions estimates in the atmosphere of Mars more than 3000 million years ago. The primitive atmosphere turned out to be much finer than expected.

Sol 1922

The last discovery of Curiosity that still awaits an explanation. And the most controversy image the rover ever captured as some think is proof of ancient alien life forms that lived on Mars.


Today, NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover celebrates 2000 sols on Mars and we wish it ‘Happy Anniversary!’. The Curiosity mission has revealed precious information about the Mars surface and atmosphere and everyone expects more important discoveries in the near future.


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