Could Alien Life Exist on Venus? What a New Study Claims

Could Alien Life Exist on Venus? What a New Study Claims

It’s not a secret to anyone that life existing on Venus sounds like a sci-fi scenario. Our neighboring planet is hotter than a human being would ever be able to withstand. The atmospheric pressure is also crushing, and the pretty much only thing that you would get to breathe on Venus is carbon dioxide. As you’ve already concluded for yourself, that’s no way to spend a vacation!

But some astronomers are still more optimistic than others and hope for alien life to exist on Venus or have existed in the past. After all, you may never know how other forms of life in the Universe, if they exist, can adapt to extreme environments. But a new study that speaks about comes to shatter the dreams of many of us.

Life on Venus might never have been possible

A group of scientists led by Martin Turbet simulated Venus’ climate from the old version of the planet. They found that most probably, the conditions from Venus limited clouds to the nightside of the planet, becoming useless when it comes to the possible development of life. The clouds warm the planet through a greenhouse effect, and they capture a lot of heat. This means that Venus was never cooled down for rain, rivers, lakes, and oceans to form. And without liquid water, there is almost certainly no trace of life.

Astronomers James Kasting and Chester Harman are pointing to tesserae, meaning deformed regions, and they could be similar in composition to Earth’s continental rocks. The two scientists released the following statements, as quoted by

On our planet, such rocks form by metamorphic processes (in which minerals change form without melting) that occur in the presence of liquid water,

If the tesserae turn out instead to be basaltic, like normal seafloor on Earth, liquid water would not have been needed to generate them, further supporting Turbet and colleagues’ hypothesis.

The new study was published in the journal Nature.


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