Constipation Virus Destroys Glioblastoma Brain Tumors Cells, A Study Revealed

Constipation Virus Destroys Glioblastoma Brain Tumors Cells, A Study Revealed

A study conducted by Juan Fueyo at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas, helped by his wife, a neurologist, have found out that the virus that causes constipation is capable of destroying the brain tumor stem cells called glioblastoma. Thus, the couple of researchers have proven that constipation virus destroys glioblastoma brain tumor cells.

The researchers have genetically modified a virus they called Delta 24, which causes common constipation in order to fight this lethal tumor that affects 10 people out of every 100,000 inhabitants of the planet.

This virus is a ‘smart’ one because it differentiates whether a cell is cancerous or not

In other investigations, the couple of scientists found that the rest of the viruses multiply and the cancer cells become a virus-producing environment until they break down giving birth to millions of viruses.

In fact, once the virus infects brain tumors it is triggering an immune system response that destroys cancerous cells.

From there, the researchers elaborated the theory that the Delta 24 is safe and very easy to work with. In all the tests, the Delta 24 virus was able to destroyed all the tumors cells.

With the new treatment, the patients with glioblastoma will improve the quality of their lives

The study was conducted on 25 samples from patients diagnosed with brain tumors. The scientists deduced that their treatment, which is based on triggering an immune response against a tumor, can be a combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, without any risk.

In this way, the patients also improve the quality of their lives even if they suffer from glioblastoma.

The researchers have stressed that it usually takes an average of seven years until a treatment method elaborated in the laboratory to reach to mass production.

In conclusion, the scientists successfully used constipation virus to totally destruct the glioblastoma brain tumors cells.


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