Cockroaches Are Going Keto, New Research Claims

Cockroaches Are Going Keto, New Research Claims

Adapting to a ketogenic diet, meaning consuming meals that are low on carbohydrates represents one of the best things we can do if we want to remain lean over the years. That’s why maybe we can take some inspiration from cockroaches, as these insects are now evolving in a way that allows them to be more inclined to such meals. Maybe they know something we don’t.

Cockroaches are omnivores known to eat pretty much anything, even human flesh, if they get the chance. Therefore, keeping those pesky little monsters anywhere near your household is not an option, and not just because their appearance gives you the creeps.

Blattella germanica is evolving to rely on a no-carb diet reveals that the Blatella germanica species of cockroaches is evolving in a way that makes the pest rely on a ketogenic diet. As a result, cockroaches from the entire planet might be impacted by the change.

The new research was published in Communications Biology after North Carolina State University scientists studied the behaviors of cockroaches, including those related to reproduction and adaptations to evolution. Dr. Ayako Wada-Katsumata participated in the research.

Blatella germanica is a pretty interesting species of cockroach, as it even has wings. However, it can barely fly. The insect is more likely to glide if someone or something disturbs it. We also need to keep in mind that most of the parts of the Blatella germanica cockroach’s body can transport harmful bacteria. These pests can contaminate your food by simply touching it once. 

Therefore, except for the cockroaches’ scary appearance and their appetite for human flesh that they sometimes manifest, we must also not forget that these pests can easily spread diseases. Keeping them away from your household isn’t difficult, as it can be enough to keep it clean.

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