Closer to Finding Alien Life: Upcoming Mars Rover Will Drill Deeper Than Ever into the Red Planet’s Soil

Closer to Finding Alien Life: Upcoming Mars Rover Will Drill Deeper Than Ever into the Red Planet’s Soil

Astronomers are not giving up hope when it comes to finding extraterrestrial life, and it’s completely understandable. Our planet cannot be the only one in the Universe supporting life, and even common sense tells us that. But still, we need one hundred percent proof.

Mars remains the only other planet from the Solar System that should be at least theoretically capable of supporting some forms of life. Scientists are betting more on microbial life rather than any little green men with highly advanced scientific tools. NASA has been conducting some research for finding traces of microbial life in the history of the Red Planet, but although the desired results didn’t come, astronomers are still hoping for better days.

The Rosalin Franklin Mars rover of the ESA should save the say

The European Space Agency (ESA) owns the Franklin Mars rover, which aims to drill deeper into the Martian soil than ever as part of the ExoMars 2022 mission, according to

The ESA even released a video on YouTube explaining what the new “toy” is capable of:

YouTube video

Part of the description says:

ESA’s Rosalind Franklin twin rover on Earth has drilled down and extracted samples 1.7 metres into the ground – much deeper than any other martian rover has ever attempted.

The first samples have been collected as part of a series of tests at the Mars Terrain Simulator at the ALTEC premises in Turin, Italy. The replica, also known as the Ground Test Model, is fully representative of the rover set to land on Mars.

The Rosalind Franklin rover is designed to drill deep enough, up to two metres, to get access to well-preserved organic material from four billion years ago, when conditions on the surface of Mars were more like those on infant Earth.

Are you also waiting for the upcoming rover to start doing its thing on Mars?


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