Civilian Space Crew Comes Back to Earth Safely

Civilian Space Crew Comes Back to Earth Safely

Leaving Earth for seventeen days sounds perfect for those willing to go as far away as possible from all the bad things that are happening here. Let’s admit it: perhaps we’ve all had our moments when we wanted to do so. 

Jokes aside for now! For four AX-1 astronauts, it all became a reality. They were carried away off our planet in a Crew Dragon capsule owned by SpaceX. After seventeen days, they safely came back home, according to

Touching down in the Atlantic Ocean

The AX-1 astronauts touched down in the Atlantic Ocean on their way back home. Axiom Space was the company operating the AX-1 mission.

The crew was pretty diverse, and it represented another proof that there shouldn’t be any boundaries when it comes to the human desire to explore the depths of the Cosmos. A few businessmen joined the crew: Eytan Stibbe, Larry Connor, and Mark Pathy. Along with the crew, there was also Michael López-Alegría, who was the commander and ex-NASA astronaut.

Bill Nelson, the NASA Administrator, stated as quotes:

The success of this first private astronaut mission to the International Space Station is an important step in opening opportunities for space travelers and achieving NASA’s goal of enabling commercial business off the planet in low-Earth orbit,

This progress has been made possible by NASA’s work with private industry – especially the Commercial Crew Program. I’m incredibly proud of the NASA, SpaceX, and Axiom teams for safely completing this landmark mission. Welcome home, Ax-1!.

Space travel, in general, is crucial for the human understanding of the unknown. We can all realistically hope that in the next decades, humanity will do a lot better at exploring space, judging by how fast technology evolves.

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