China Launches Two Rockets Within Only a Few Hours of Each Other

China Launches Two Rockets Within Only a Few Hours of Each Other

China continues to have a lot in store for us when it comes to space exploration, and that should only make us more excited. The world of astronomical journeys seems to become more interesting with every year that passes.

According to, China launched two rockets this week within a few hours of each other. The goal was to lift four new communications satellites into space. First, a Long March 2C was launched on August 24 from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center that’s located in the Gobi Desert of northwest China. The rocket delivered payloads.

CAST developed the satellites

CAST stands for Chinese Academy of Space Technology, and it’s a major satellite developer belonging to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

Only four hours later, a Long March 3B sent another satellite from Xichang.

CASC was founded in 1999, and it’s the main contractor for the Chinese space program. The corporation is state-owned.

China will likely continue for long to take space exploration very seriously. The country even aims to build a miles-wide spacecraft. Since the National Natural Science Foundation of China doesn’t exactly know how it can be done, it’s counting on scientists to figure out the mystery.

An outline of the future project wrote, as quoted by South China Morning Post:

[Such a spacecraft] is a major strategic aerospace equipment for the future use of space resources, exploration of the mysteries of the universe and staying in long-term orbit.

China is also involved in exploring Mars, which is an absolute necessity if humanity truly wants to visit the Red Planet. That’s why China’s Zhurong rover came into the cosmic scene. It even became the first rover of the Asian country that landed on another planet.


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