China Has a Mysterious Space Plane Releasing an Unidentified ‘Object’ to the Orbit

China Has a Mysterious Space Plane Releasing an Unidentified ‘Object’ to the Orbit

China has a mysterious space plane that made many people come with all sorts of speculations to explain its possible purpose. The spacecraft has spent nine months in orbit, and it has now landed for the second time. Launching and recovering a reusable spacecraft is certainly not any child’s play, and China is one of the few nations that have done it.

Thanks to, we can learn more about China’s accomplishments regarding the space plane. The achievement elevates the Asian country into an exclusive league of entities capable of launching and recovering reusable spacecraft. However, the veil of secrecy surrounding the Chinese government’s information on the craft leaves much to the imagination, as essential details about the design, capabilities, and performance of the spacecraft are still shrouded in mystery.

Similar to the Boeing X-37B? 

Experts speculate that the Chinese space plane bears resemblances to the American counterpart known as the Boeing X-37B, which made its debut over a decade ago. Interestingly, the reveal of the X-37B sparked concerns within the Chinese government regarding its military potential. This may have ignited a drive within the space program of China, closely intertwined with its military, to embark on the development of its own version.

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Like the X-37B, the Chinese spacecraft is likely unmanned and relatively compact. The inaugural flight likely occurred in September 2020, encompassing a brief two-day orbit before safely returning to the surface of Earth. The most recent mission, which started in August 2022, involved a launch from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northern China. The exact objectives of this mission, however, are unknown.

A new UFO?

Reports indicate that the Chinese craft deployed an unidentified “object” into orbit around October, which mysteriously vanished in January only to resurface on satellite tracking radar in March, as also reveals. This has prompted speculation among experts that the spacecraft may be capable of satellite removal capabilities, potentially employing an advanced robotic arm. The involvement of robotic arm technology in the space projects of China, as evident in their space station initiatives, lends credibility to the theory.

While the primary function of the craft may revolve around satellite repairs or the mitigation of orbital debris, the possibility of military applications cannot be dismissed for either the Chinese space plane or the X-37B American counterpart. Until further information emerges from the shadows, speculation remains the primary game.


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